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What is Brand Promise and How Does it Create Trust Amongst Your Customers

So we know why your company exists – but what can customers expect from you? Why should they buy from you and not a competitor? A brand promise tells your customers just that. It’s a pointed declaration, an unshakeable statement meant…

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The Pitfalls of Bad Branding and How to Avoid Them

Branding involves many moving parts. If one part fails, the perfect veneer of a brand can be ruined and your brand image can be diluted. When Gap rebranded in 2010 – the first after 24 years – they traded their classic,…

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What is Visual Branding?

People determine in the span of seconds if they like a brand or not. The Institute of Colour Research found that people make a judgement about an environment or product within 90 seconds of being exposed to it. Liking a brand could…

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How Can Brand Strategy Help My Business Grow?

When a business knows why it exists, it allows consumers to feel connected to it. Purpose-driven brands are a lot more likely to be positively received than those that just focus on products. A great example is American outdoor clothing…

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How Does Market Research Improve My Business Strategy?

In 2008, juggernaut coffee house Starbucks pulled 70 per cent (61 stores in total) of its stores in Australia due to underperformance. How did a giant coffee brand that had succeeded in many other countries struggle to connect with the…

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What is Brand Personality? Do I Really Need It?

The sway great brands can hold over people is undeniable: consumers are drawn to brands, see themselves in brands, and sometimes obsess over brands. A compelling, larger-than-life brand has the potential to stand the test of time. Fans of Apple…

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Reach Greater Heights When You Undergo A Rebranding Project

Dive deeper into the rebranding process of 2 companies in Singapore.  When hearing the terms ‘branding’ and ‘rebranding’, we typically notice the more tangible changes such as a new logo, new brand colours and the new look and feel of a physical store.…

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Millennials & Generation Z Care About the Branding of Your Business

Step aside baby boomers and Generation X One of the most important stakeholders companies must prioritise are customers. The demographics of customers are constantly changing therefore companies need to be flexible and change their strategies accordingly. Currently, millennials and Gen…

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Branding Future Proofs Your Business

No one likes being stuck in a price war where profits are low for a prolonged period. Instead of price wars, differentiation is the wiser choice.

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How Branding Transforms Your Business

While most people know that branding helps companies, not many truly appreciate the substantial role branding plays in helping companies expand their outreach, improve their bottom line and accelerate growth.

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