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FEED Lures



FEED Lures is a mass market brand that specialises in fishing accessories. The brand was developed with the expertise of Japanese tackling entities.

FEED Lures had a few challenges that it had to overcome to ensure it will be able to grow the brand, the challenges are elaborated below:



1. Poor translation of intended brand identity

Within the angling industry, there are many competitors both locally and internationally selling fishing tackle and the quality of products differ across the board depending on the quality of materials used.


To set themselves apart as being a fun brand, their visuals took on more light-hearted and fun imagery, which unfortunately resulted in the brand looking rather childlike and unenticing to their demographic of largely male anglers. With poor translation of what the FEED intended to achieve, this resulted in poor sales.


Customers felt that FEED was a low-cost alternative if their preferred quality ones were out of stock.

2. Aligning the Brand Values with Customers

With the founder and marketing team untrained in branding, FEED Lures struggled massively to understand how it could better relate to its customers and provide them with the values they were looking for. The visual elements, wordings and messaging did not manage to connect with their customers in any manner, and this affected the brand in terms of brand perception and regard.

Where we come in

FEED Lures has always aspired to be priced as a competitive, value for money and fun brand. They felt their business strategy should place more focus on that aspect because of the opportunities in the market. Many brands do not cater to the demographic of anglers willing to invest in their fishing tackle.



During the brand discovery process, time was taken to understand some of the milestones the management of the brand wanted to achieve in comparison to how their customers perceived them. BDSA mapped out their future goals of expanding their business globally and the steps to do so.



The entire brand foundation was built from scratch in the brand strategy to secure the brand’s path to sustainability and growth from local to international markets. The brand was realigned to focus largely on the fishing tackle experience. Touchpoints and social media were reorganised to portray stronger brand identity, with the ripple effect of brand recognition and recall.


The visual elements produced highlighted brush-like strokes on the edges of the logo, creating a sense of adrenaline and a sporty sensation to relate better to customers. This was done while retaining the bright colours to portray a vibrant and exciting brand as initially intended. In addition, the visual layout directions were mapped out clearly to enable the brand’s marketing department to follow up on the guidelines for future implementation.

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