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AdSpace Graphics is a large format printing solutions company that functions on a B2B business model. Printing solutions that the company provides include roll up banner stands, PVC vinyl banners and posters.

Despite its great progression, to achieve greater heights, AdSpace faced the following challenges that they had to push through



1. Red ocean Scalability overseas

As with most industries, AdSpace also suffers from having to battle in local price wars where competitors offer low prices in order to attract clients. In a B2B setting, these differences do end up accumulating to a significant amount and as such, businesses will choose the cheapest option, with zero brand loyalty to a singular brand.


Ultimately, the red ocean market is unsustainable for SMEs such as AdSpace as this reduces their profit margin and undercuts their brand value.

2. B2B only business model

Having just the B2B model limits the brand’s profit margins and its reach. The B2B business space relies heavily on the supply chain, while trade pricing has to be given to recurring customers who remain loyal amongst the various market options.

3. Traditional business

Previously, AdSpace relied heavily on physical quality control where clients have to personally come down to vet processes before the final sign off. While it is important to ensure top quality, the entirely offline process is not only time-consuming, but also proves unsustainable, as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven.

Where we come in

The sub-brand KREATE was conceived to venture into the unfamiliar waters of the B2C market.  Having a B2C sub-brand while maintaining their B2B ties vastly diversifies its avenues of sales, and even builds brand loyalty. The KREATE brand will work with freelancers to showcase and sell their artwork. The e-commerce platform will allow KREATE to tap on the fanbase of each individual artist, to build its own army of loyal fans.


Together with creating a strong brand, with a solid positioning amongst both B2B and B2C consumers, transitioning into utilising more digital tools will vastly help KREATE in terms of global scalability. This way, the brand can operate in every part of the world, without having clients personally fly over for quality checks. Yet in all, not a single bit of quality is jeopardised.

Creating an entirely new brand meant that there would have to be a new visual brand identity. KREATE can be easily recognised by the iconic K in their logo, along with the orange colour, an homage to their parent company, AdSpace Graphics. Imagery for the brand has also been fixed at duotone orange and grey images, giving a more solid and memorable visual identity.

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