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LB Health Management Pte Ltd is a training institute that specialises in delivering training classes and seminars relating to holistic body wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine as its core foundation. The company trains both B2B and B2C clients.



1. Inconsistent brand image

Despite having a lot of passion for imparting knowledge to students, LB Centurina’s professionalism and dedication is not properly conveyed in its touchpoints. While its website looks quite professional, it does not properly utilise its Facebook to reach out to audiences, even featuring poorly constructed imagery. The marketing content put up is also mainly in Mandarin which, despite being appropriate for a TCM brand, causes them to lose out in reaching the younger audiences.

2. Limited target audience size

Given the nature of TCM, most of LB’s customers are older, being 40 and above. There is prejudice amongst the younger generation that TCM is outdated and that they do not need it since they should be much healthier than their older counterparts. However, the truth is that there is a rising trend in younger adults suffering from these sub-health symptoms too, due to lifestyle and stressful work life.

Where we come in

The biggest change for LB was its name change to Rejuvelence, which combines the words ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘balance’, some key points that the brand wants to put across. The name change also features a mandarin name, 和瑞, as it is a TCM entity after all.


A brand strategy document was created in the second phase after the first, brand discovery, phase. This document serves to align all touchpoints and staff members with the brand’s purpose. In turn, this presents a more consistent and reliable brand that clients can associate with being professional yet passionate.


Facebook is useful to target their older audience, who have become very familiar with the social media site. However, in order to reach the younger audience of those in 20s-30s, it would be more appropriate to use Instagram. BDSA implemented a previously absent Instagram account for Rejuvelence along with clearly constructed content calendar examples and marketing guides in the brand guidelines, to help guide the brand in the future. The content featured will also feature both Mandarin and English copy, in order to cater to the needs of the range in ages and fluency of potential clients.

Having dual language copy requires double the effort as it is not as simple as mere direct translation. However, this can showcase Rejuvelence’s dedication to their craft, and to their students. This way, TCM information will be made more available to the younger audience, enticing them and pushing Rejuvelence’s key idea that anyone can learn TCM because they make it understandable.


After the name change, visuals had to follow suit. The logo was completely overhauled to change the overall outlook of the brand. It features the familiar green colour which represents Rejuvelence’s emphasis on health. The dandelions are a sign of freedom from ailments, which are achieved through good health.

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