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Vision Engineering



Vision 2 Engineering is a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) service provider, with their core service being in the field of engineering, for both the B2B and B2C market.

The brand faced 2 major challenges prior to BDSA Pte Ltd embarking on the project:



1. Lack of professional and credible identity

Vision 2 lacked the knowledge in how they should portray essential brand values, attributes, and messaging in its marketing, including visual design and copywriting. They featured too much information that was too technical on their online touchpoints, which in turn causes viewers to be confused. This gave Vision 2 an unprofessional look and feel. The brand was unable to embody attributes such as professionalism, trust, and credibility.

2. Scalability

As an SME, competing in the local market is a difficult feat. Given the limited market size, service providers primarily fight price wars by giving discounts or extremely low prices, which ultimately reduces the profit margin of Vision 2.


Expanding into regional markets allows the brand to scale up and compete in the blue ocean of the global MNC market. However, without a structured system in its foundation, this is a difficult feat.


During COVID-19, Vision 2 realised it had to venture into areas other than just being a service provider. One such area is through the sale of products, online and offline, locally and globally. However, this cannot be achieved without a proper brand strategy or structure as the global stage is vast.

Where we come in

Through the brand discovery phase, it was discovered that the company did not have any solid mission, vision or values to guide them. This phase of the branding project gave insights into how the existing customers perceived Vision 2, and thus, which values and strengths the brand should focus on.

Strategic branding is necessary because of Vision 2’s B2C market. End consumers pay close attention to the brand and what it stands for, and how they can benefit from this company compared to another. Hence, there was a change in the way their information is presented in their revamped online and offline touchpoints, such as more clear and direct selling points to appeal to their target audience.


In order to stand out from the crowd of general contractors, Vision 2 has to begin with a strong foundation, to create a prominent brand that will become synonymous with its products and services all over the world.


As with all branding projects, visual elements play a key component largely on the external facing side. The original logo of an eye, paired with the brand name ‘Vision’, was misleading and led many to perceive the brand as one selling eyewear. Hence, the logo was overhauled to represent components such as the following:



  1. A home layout plan is a key foundation for all electrical services.
  2. The shield to showcase protection and a mark of assurance to customers.
  3. The V is retained specifically to ensure a continuation of the Vision 2 brand.
  4. The check is added in to show the brand promise as the brand assures utmost customer satisfaction.

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