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The resourceful and customer-centric brand strategy consulting firm with no fillers and no fluff.

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If there is one thing to remember us by, this is it: we get straight to the point.

For all our clients, we use a thorough and systematic approach to ensure that we deliver only the most well-constructed solutions.

We use our 3-step DNA of Branding to first analyse, then strategise and finally translate all that into 3 document deliverables for differing levels of disclosure, from upper management to staff and even customers. Both tangible and intangible aspects of the brand are documented in the deliverables, for the brand to utilise on its journey to becoming a superbrand.

Our passion for helping clients grow and succeed is the main reason we entered the branding consultancy realm. Every client deserves our patience and respect and we have always gone out of our way to assist them.

Our clients prefer quick discussions and short meetups to storm things out and clarify matters. With no hard and fast rule about meeting duration and how early in advance these meetings have to be booked, we fit our clients’ busy schedules wonderfully. Nevertheless, when it comes to standing our ground, we always do so and explain to our clients logically.

Regarding going the extra mile to help clients, we mean leveraging on our industry network of trusted partners to help solve problems beyond the scope of branding.

Having a wealth of experience in the SME industry, we direct our clients to paths that will shorten their pain. For instance, if a client requires a manpower salary grant, obviously outside branding consultancy, we will link them to respective personnel in relevant agencies for them to speak directly. We help cut short their hunt and pain when treading unfamiliar waters.

Not being a huge corporation gives us advantages when competing in the field such as the lack of multiple layers of red tape within the management, which results in quicker processes. With respect to project management, we adopt an AGILE methodology, where projects are broken down into phases.

We value

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    • Creating teams with motivated and talented individuals
    • Equipping them with tools and resources to reach their full potential
    • Embracing every individual’s input in internal discussions
    • Deploying different talents (lead consultants, business analysts and designers etc.) on the same project
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
    • Measuring progress in terms of delivering working software—not in terms of how many hours you spend in the office
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Ensuring clients receive the best service and resources rather than doing the minimum stipulated by law.
  • Responding to change over following a plan
    • Embracing change and leveraging it to build better solutions

So, this is what makes us, us. Now that you know who BDSA is, how about an introduction of yourself ?

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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