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Everything You Need To Know
Enterprise Development Grant in Singapore

The Enterprise Development Grant offered by Enterprise Singapore is designed to help companies develop and transform in the competitive business environment. The financial assistance offered by this grant can fuel and support projects aimed at upgrading, innovating, and even venturing overseas.

What sort of business operations and activities are supported by the EDG? 

Categorised under three pillars; Core Capabilities, Innovation and Productivity, and Market Access, the grant supports various projects that are nestled under them.

  • Core Capabilities: Projects that help businesses strengthen their foundation and span across talent development, service excellence, and marketing and strategy development. 
  • Innovation and Productivity: Projects here support companies looking to adapt and manufacture efficient operations to support growth. Common areas include automation, product development, and redesigning processes. 
  • Market Access: Businesses today desire a global footprint. To help them achieve that, the grant supports projects involving Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), standards adoption, and pilot project testing abroad. 

Applying for the EDG in Singapore

Companies planning to apply for the grant will need to use the CorpPass. Other information that you’ll need include the following: 

  • ACRA information
  • Proof of proposal 
  • Audited financial statements
  • Management consultancy scopes
  • Relevant consultants certification

Why apply for the SME Marketing Grant?

As the push towards digital transformation continues, the SME marketing grant can help small businesses offset some of the costs involved with scaling up.

From upskilling workers with digital literacy skills to developing software that impacts their digital transformation, the grant can motivate businesses to adapt and grow with the economy. Companies that are planning for larger scale projects can consider the EDG instead. 

Getting the support you need

Whether it’s to support your digital transformation journey or embark on larger development projects, the various grants offered here in Singapore can give you the headstart you need to keep competitive.

BDSA can also help you and your business establish a strong online presence through our branding consultancy and social media marketing services. 

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