What is Brand Promise and How Does it Create Trust Amongst Your Customers

So we know why your company exists – but what can customers expect from you? Why should they buy from you and not a competitor? A brand promise tells your customers just that. It’s a pointed declaration, an unshakeable statement meant to reassure consumers and convince them to give you a try. 

What is a brand promise? 

A brand promise is the experience you commit to unfailingly deliver to customers and what they can expect to receive each time they interact with your brand. This is an essential statement for your company – as it’s everything your brand represents. Companies aspire to create products and services that live up to their brand promises. It is also built into the brand messaging used across the different marketing platforms you advertise on. In keeping with your commitments, you build a credible brand that your consumers believe in and can trust. 

Starbucks promises to, “inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” This simple declaration affects all business decisions, from the type of coffee beans they choose,  to the way their stores are designed, to their personalised customer service. 

How is brand promise different from brand mission or purpose? 

A brand’s mission states how it envisions adding value to not just its customers, but society. While a brand’s mission is grand and lofty, a brand’s promise is practical and product-driven. The mission of McDonald’s is to, “make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone”, an emotionally-charged statement. While its brand promise of offering, “simple, easy enjoyment with great service, cleanliness and value” focuses more on its unique-selling points (USPs). 

A brand’s promise is usually derived from its mission, vision and values. When working on a branding strategy, a brand’s mission is always determined before its brand promise. Some companies might choose to have a brand promise that is very similar to its brand purpose, while others may decide to tease the two apart. 

Why is having a brand promise important? 

Trust is the cornerstone of nurturing long-term customer relationships and engagement. “People don’t just buy products anymore, they buy the companies that make products, the values they represent and what they stand for”, summarises Ron Guirguis, Edelman’s Managing Director of Corporate and Public Affairs.

Only half of customers believe businesses will deliver on what they promise, a Gallup study concluded. If your advertising says the food you sell is ethically-sourced, but the wholesalers you purchase from do not engage farmers who are treated fairly – you have breached a moral contract with your customers. If you declare that your delivery company always delivers reliably, but your packages to customers don’t arrive on time – you’re breaking your promise. This can affect your credibility, destroy trust and decrease your value. And that is why making and keeping brand promises are important and differentiates you from a competitor brand. 

Continually making good on your promises ensures you keep your customers happy and you build trust with them over time. With this, you ensure a high conversion rate and ultimately, the holy grail all brands strive to achieve – brand loyalty and advocacy. 

How do you come up with a brand promise? 

To create a brand strategy, start by conducting thorough market research with a branding agency in Singapore. Through this, you can gain an in-depth understanding of what your consumers want, who your competitors are, what their branding strategy is and the gaps in the market. With this insight, it’s more apparent to you how you can set yourself apart from your competitors by offering unique value. 

In doing so, you craft an original brand identity, positioning your brand – making it a top-of-mind choice for your consumers. BDSA, a brand marketing agency based in Singapore, develops brand strategies in Stage 2 of its process. This includes a brand’s promise as well as its mission, vision, values and personality. 

Create a powerful brand promise with BDSA

Distilling what you wish to deliver into a single statement is not easy. Only by ensuring that the process of creating a brand strategy is thorough, can you then develop a brand promise you can commit to and are confident about delivering. BDSA offers brand consulting services that help you create a brand from scratch or rebrand an existing one. We also make the process of applying for SME marketing grants stress-free and easy – so you can start branding your business now.

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