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Be Bare Waxing


BB Beauty Pte Ltd is a beauty service provider that provides waxing as its core service with complementary nail and facial services, the company is a strictly B2C retail company.

Their outlets are situated in the heartlands as they choose to be a more affordable option compared to overpriced brands, whose outlets exist in malls.

Listed below are some challenges the Be Bare faced:



1. Unclear brand positioning

As the outlets are situated in multiple heartland areas, it is able to reach a diversity of individuals, of different races, ages and demographics, who live in such areas. Yet, with a wide range of service offerings and a generalised brand name, BB Beauty was not known amongst the general public for any specific service, thus having little retention in consumers’ minds.

2. Lacking brand strategy

Due to a lack of brand strategy and direction, BB Beauty’s touchpoints could not properly convey any messaging to increase its brand equity. The former website lacked personality and contrasted greatly with the social media where quirky, comical and at times unsavoury images were posted. This gave the brand an unprofessional and inconsistent image.

3. Traditional forms of marketing

BB Beauty was largely marketed via traditional means of physical flyers distributed in the vicinity of the outlets. This poses a problem as the reach of these marketing strategies is limited to the physical proximity. Physical flyers are also often overlooked, if even accepted, and thrown away once passers-by receive them. This translates to a waste of investing into the materials and time spent producing such collaterals.

Where we come in

The major change for BB Beauty lies in its name change. The brand was renamed to Be Bare Waxing, to better convey their core hair removal waxing service. While the brand still retains its other beauty services, this name change will signal to prospective customers that the brand is experienced in waxing and pose it as a viable option amongst other hair removal competitors.


A brand strategy document was created to align all touchpoints, including outlet staff, to present a more consistent and reliable brand. All online and offline touchpoints were revamped to create a cheeky, light-hearted yet un-repulsive brand that consumers would relate to.


Given the surge in use of technology, it is more logical for Be Bare to utilise digital marketing methods to reach a larger audience. Since the brand would like to attract more of the younger audience, this step into digital marketing will see an increase in influence amongst teens, who will definitely be able to afford Be Bare’s prices as compared to big name brands.

In the visual aspect, the logo was revamped to be more in-line with modern logo designs, thus appealing to more individuals. The ape and the purple brand colour were retained, while elements such as the sparkle and wink were incorporated to give off a cheekier and more fun feel, the direction the brand was headed towards.

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